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Sports Conditioning: LaRue is a Fitness and Wellness professional whose passion for his work is infectious and motivates his clients to reach for their best. LaRue is a nationally recognized expert in sports conditioning and general fitness with a focus on working with girl and women athletes and general fitness clients. His work with female athletes of all ages has led to his selection as a “Trainer of Trainers” through his authoring a Continuing Education Course for other certified fitness professionals on injury prevention for female athletes, and his writing for a professional association of fitness professionals on sport-specific strength training for girl athletes. LaRue began his training career over 17-years ago and he considers it a privilege to have been able to work with a number of local female athletes from age 6 to 86! Some of LaRue’s sports conditioning career accomplishments and highlights include:


  • Serves as Adjunct Professor of Youth Conditioning; Female Sports Conditioning and Fitness; and Coaching at local Community College Sports Conditioning expert author and commentator to such publications as ESPN.com, Women’s Basketball Magazine, Tennis View Magazine, and Livestrong.com
  • Certified Clinical Trainer for the Cincinnati Sportsmedicine Research and Education Foundation’s Sportsmetrics™ Injury Prevention and Sports Performance Program
  • Strength and Conditioning Consultant to Shepherd University’s Athletic Department (consulting with all Men’s and Women’s sports teams including basketball, lacrosse, tennis, soccer and others)
  • Author of Continuing Education Course “Deceleration Training for the Female Athlete” teaching other certified trainers the basics of sports performance and injury prevention
  • Filmmaker producing short documentary film on Sports Conditioning for Girl and Women Athletes

Corporate/Employee Wellness Programs: LaRue is a well-established corporate wellness professional with several years’ of operational, programming and training experience. LaRue has served as the Director of Wellness in an academic setting, serving the student, faculty, staff and residents for three separate communities. In this position, LaRue was responsible for all wellness and fitness programming, managing a staff of over 20 employees with an operating budget of $1.5 million. LaRue has also served as the Fitness Director for a corporate fitness facility serving over 1500 tenant employees.

LaRue offers full corporate wellness services or a la carte services tailored to meet any employer’s needs and budget, regardless of the size of their company. Employee health newsletters, personal training for individuals, small group exercise classes, lunch-and-learn seminars, health fairs, fitness orientations, fitness assessments, express training for employees short on time, fitness center management and staffing, and consulting are all a part of the services offered by LaRue to employers. LaRue offers fitness program and management consulting services to local schools, home owners associations, and companies.

LEC Fitness, LLC is a Participating Provider with over 20 national health insurance plans – offering discounts to their subscribers.
Wellness & Personal Training : LaRue’s interest in fitness and exercise extends beyond his work with female athletes. He began his career in fitness and training by working with general fitness and wellness clients. Today, this continues to be a large part of his training practice. His work as a Personal Trainer serving the general child and adult population has led to his recognition
as an industry expert. He has worked with clients presenting with such health conditions as: excess
body fat, rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure, pre-osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, COPD, back
issues and more. LaRue has trained clients from all walks of life including stay-at-home moms,
business executives, office workers, parks and recreation employees, and a number of health care
professionals including surgeons, nurses, and the former Medical Director for the U.S. Postal
Service; he works with clients of all ages (his oldest client couple had a combined age of 165!).

Some of LaRue’s Wellness and Personal Training career highlights include:

  • Received national recognition as a fitness industry expert by being selected as one of only two Certified Personal Trainers in the U.S. to sit on Board of Examiners for the National Board of Fitness Examiners
  • Former Director of Wellness, Fitness, and Recreation for a Community College serving 3 campus communities
  • Served on County Sub-Committee on Childhood Obesity
  • Elite Trainer – IDEA Fitness

Fitness Author and Educator

LaRue has been writing more than twelve years and his health and fitness articles can be found in
international, national, regional, local, and online publications. He serves as a Sports Science Writer
for Tennis Life Magazine, and Sports Conditioning Writer for Women’s Basketball, and Tennis View
Magazine. Most recently, LaRue has written a series of articles on exercise and fitness for Lance
Armstrong’s LiveStrong organization.

In addition to being a Trainer, LaRue is also an educator. His research and writing, articles,
continuing education courses, and work with clients and other trainers, speaks to his professional
approach to an industry often populated by unfounded trends, hyperbole, and self-promotion.

Client Testimonials

“I have had 17 years of experience as an occupational medicine physician for the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Postal Service, and over 200 private sector corporations. During this time I have evaluated a variety of health and fitness programs…Mr. Cook’s program is unique…[H]e has exceptional understanding of the physical conditioning and overall fitness… I highly recommend Mr. Cook for any type of corporate fitness program development, as well as a personal fitness trainer.” (Dr. L. S.)

“I have had the opportunity to work with LaRue Cook since February of 2005 and I could not be happier. … I no longer suffer from the back problems I initially came in for… His encouragement, professionalism, expertise, and humor make him easily the best trainer I have been around.” (C. G.)

“His ability to tailor training programs to the unique physical needs and circumstances of the client, and his ability to make each session challenging, yet fun was nothing short of remarkable.” (K. H.)

“His positive attitude and boundless enthusiasm make the training sessions fun and interesting . . . My health and fitness have improved markedly since beginning training with LaRue…” (P. H.)

“LaRue is truly a gifted person in the fields of fitness, sports, and health … [E]ach and every workout is different and new and the sessions are truly a time I look forward to. I have seen dramatic changes not only in my physique but also in my self esteem. He is a people person with a high level of commitment to his career and professional growth.” (S. D.)

“I thoroughly enjoy working with LaRue and I’m inspired by the breadth and depth of his knowledge of TOTAL FITNESS!!!!! He is an expert in this field, a genuine individual and a true professional.” (B. W.)

Get Fit For Life!!

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