I started with LaRue Cook, LEC fitness, about 3-1/2 years ago after I had gotten a bone density test which showed definite bone loss.  At the age of 56 I had never done any type of weight training and didn’t know where to start.  I started working with LaRue and have been a big fan of his ever since.  When I had my next bone density test two years later, I had actually reversed the bone loss!  The best part is that LaRue really gets great overall results.  I have always been “balance-challenged” and my balance has improved immensly.  All of my adult life I always had lower back pain, especially when I was in a high-stress situation, but after working with LaRue for a few months the muscles in my lower back had strengthened to the point that I no longer experienced lower back pain.  I could go on and on about the benefits of training with LaRue. He is patient, enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and actually makes the training sessions fun!  Contacting LaRue was the best decision I’ve ever made. (JB)


After back surgery about 10 years ago, I had very little range of motion and was in constant pain.  About three years ago I started working with LaRue Cook.  LaRue worked with me on all aspects of my well-being, but was aware of my specific concerns and tailored stretches for me that virtually alleviated my back pain.  I now have excellent range of motion and a much improved quality of life.  Thanks LaRue! (BL)


LaRue began working with my daughter in the spring of her Freshman year in high school and continued for over three years. At the time we began to see LaRue my daughter, a four year varsity basketball player, was beginning to have a lot of trouble rolling her ankles and the problems were spreading to her knees. We initially saw LaRue to strengthen her to avoid those chronic problems and try to avoid any of the serious injuries female athletes are prone to, particularly ACL tears. LaRue’s expertise in injury avoidance in female athletes is like nothing I’ve ever seen and I’m happy to report my daughter ceased having major ankle rolls and never had anything more serious. But her work with LaRue had other benefits as well. Her physical and mental strength both grew immensely and her speed improved amazingly. On top of all that LaRue knows out to work with young people. He’s inspirational and makes it fun and he’s a great role model. We were so lucky to have found him and it’s not possible for me to recommend him any higher! (AS)


I have been obese my entire life, and was over 100+ overweight when I began working with LaRue.  I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect.  I had always believed that a professional trainer was more interested in working with professional athletes than overweight women.  Plus, I had seen personal trainers at work in local gyms, and they just seemed robotic and cookie cutter in their approach.  I was very fortunate to find LaRue.  He was very respectful and made me feel very comfortable, which was greatly appreciated as I was already extremely self-conscious about my body.  He carefully evaluated my fitness level and created a program that considered both my capabilities and limitations.  The routines and programs he developed for me changed many times over the course of our partnership, as I steadily improved my fitness level and lost 92 pounds.   Best of all, I had a lot of fun in the process, as LaRue has a natural ability to relate to people of all ages and walks of life; loves helping others to achieve their goals; and has an infectious positive energy that  makes you WANT to succeed. (AM)


LaRue is an outstanding Trainer. Before I began working with him I said that yelling in my face or trying to intimidate me was not going to motivate me to work harder. I was very skeptical. But LaRue turned me around. His style of training is to motivate by caring and understanding. His sense of humor makes the workout fun and time passes very quickly. Additionally, he knows his “stuff”. He works out a progress plan and then gets you there. You can’t go wrong with LaRue guiding you to better health. (SRS)


“I have had 17 years of experience as an occupational medicine physician for the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Postal Service, and over 200 private sector corporations. During this time I have evaluated a variety of health and fitness programs…Mr. Cook’s program is unique…[H]e has exceptional understanding of the physical conditioning and overall fitness… I highly recommend Mr. Cook for any type of corporate fitness program development, as well as a personal fitness trainer.” (Dr. L. S.)


“I have had the opportunity to work with LaRue Cook since February of 2005 and I could not be happier.  … I no longer suffer from the back problems I initially came in for… His encouragement, professionalism, expertise, and humor make him easily the best trainer I have been around.” (C. G.)

“His ability to tailor training programs to the unique physical needs and circumstances of the client, and his ability to make each session challenging, yet fun was nothing short of remarkable.” (K. H.)


“His positive attitude and boundless enthusiasm make the training sessions fun and interesting . . . My health and fitness have improved markedly since beginning training with LaRue…” (P. H.)


“LaRue is truly a gifted person in the fields of fitness, sports, and health … [E]ach and every workout is different and new and the sessions are truly a time I look forward to.  I have seen dramatic changes not only in my physique but also in my self esteem.  He is a people person with a high level of commitment to his career and professional growth.” (S. D.)


“I thoroughly enjoy working with LaRue and I’m inspired by the breadth and depth of his knowledge of TOTAL FITNESS!!!!!  He is an expert in this field, a genuine individual and a true professional.” (B. W.)



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