Attorneys ‘Time-Share’ Training™

Attorneys, we know that you are extremely busy!  Oftentimes, so busy that in fact you have no time for your most important client – YOU!  Without regular exercise, your health can be compromised, and without good health, your quality of life – both professional and personal – can suffer.

Our owner, LaRue Cook, is a licensed attorney who practiced law for over 8-years as an Associate at a large regional law firm, as in-house counsel for a large health insurer, and for the federal government.  He understands the stresses of legal practice, the limitations on your time, and the challenges, and importance, of getting regular exercise to improve your HEALTH!

LEC Fitness now offers our unique ‘Time-Share’ program to attorneys so that even these busy professionals no longer have an excuse for not getting regular healthy exercise.

We will come to you!  We will work with you at your offices (either in the gym in your building, OR in any available meeting room that you have available)!

Share your exercise time with your fellow attorneys by either participating in a small group exercise class designed for you, OR by ‘time-sharing’ a 1-hour session with another attorney (30-minutes each).  Both programs are an excellent way to fit exercise into your busy workday in a convenient and cost-effective way!

Contact Us for Details, and to make an appointment to have us come out to show you how we can help.

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