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What is a Fitness Tune-Up™? This is a program that we designed to allow our corporate clients and their employees the opportunity to get the expert exercise and fitness advice of a Certified Personal Trainer when needed, and at a fraction of the cost of what this type of advice would normally cost. This is an excellent program for employers looking to add an inexpensive wellness component to their employee benefit package. Not only does an employee wellness program help your
employees become healthier and more productive, but it is instrumental in reducing your operating cost and improving employee retention.

This program is GREAT for individuals who are just beginning on their road to fitness and health, those who are already working out but need a tweak to their program, and those who have exercised in the past but need a jump-start to get things going again. Here’s what’s included:
An initial fitness program based on your specific fitness goals and health

  •  An initial fitness program based on your specific fitness goals and health

  • A copy of our monthly newsletter

  •  A monthly email consultation with a Certified Personal Trainer to keep you motivated and moving towards your fitness goals,

  •  A monthly review and update to your current workout program.

This excellent program can help you and your employees get, and stay healthy at literally pennies a day. Want more details or to set-up a consultation?

Contact us NOW for details on this program:; 703.217.2309

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